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Now I live in Munich. Before that I was “only” here on business. Previously, it happened often enough that I had to rely on a hotel for several days / nights. Often enough there are numerous trade fairs,   “Oktoberfest” in the fall, or other events, that drives one almost crazy when trying to find a room. Then everything is booked out, the prices go crazy, and even if your lucky enough to find something just to have a room besides its truly expensive, sometimes you unlock the door to that room and open a chasm.

I´m pretty sure, many of you know the question as I do: where can I stay best? Which hotel is clean and worth the money (and above all free)? Whereas, if it is to be any of the “big” hotels?

During the time my job made it necessary I’ve seen & “tested” some hotels. After a long day at work I was – and still am –  just happy to be able to check in peace, to find a quiet, clean, attractive rooms.

Manchmal kam ich an, stand vor der Zimmertür, noch genervt von der Unfreundlichkeit des Personals, schloss auf – und wollte  am liebsten sofort wieder abreisen (das gilt leider – und zwar meistens – für die Häuser großer Ketten). Gottseidank habe ich durchaus Alternativen gefunden. Dort war manchmal das einzige Ärgernis, dass ich nicht sofort in der Folgewoche ein freies Zimmer in diesem oder jenem Hotel ergattern konnte. Ein paar Tipps nun also, zu Hotels, in denen ich war, und die ich selbst wieder buchen würde.  Aufgeteilt nach Stadtvierteln (ohne Garantie auf freie Zimmer ;), Angaben zu ca. Preisen beziehen sich auf MESSEFREIE Zeiten, ohne Frühstück ):

Sometimes I arrived, stood outside the door, still annoyed from the unfriendliness of the staff on – and would like to immediately leave again after opening the door of my room (this happened unfortunately – and mostly – in the large houses). Thank goodness I found alternatives. There was sometimes the only annoyance, that I was able to get a free room the following week  in this or that hotel immediately.

A few tips now. This are hotels where I was, and where I would even stay there again. Divided by Quarters (with no guarantee of availability), the data concerning about prices refer to FAIR FREE times without breakfast):


Center, close to main station:

ok. – The area is probably not especially great in any city. However, there is one or the other very reasonable hotel.

 Hotel Cocoon, Stachus

only a few meters from the train station, a short distance along Schillerstrasse, then turn left into the first street parallel to Bayerstrasse. There you find Cocoon, renovated, modern rooms in a cool design mix. Clean, quiet, price (from 70 € / night) => matches. The sister hotel of the Cocoon is located a few meters from Sendlinger Tor away.

Advantage: If you arrive by train the public transport is very close, you can take a short walk by foot to the center;


– Hotel Stachus

From the train station you can easily reach the hotel on foot. Next door is a cinema (if the TV does not offer enough). The Stachus (Karlsplatz) is a bit closer than the train station, but nothing is really far away. From the outside it looks a bit plain, it fits inside, the rooms are renovated and quiet. The cleanliness: there was nothing to complain about. Prices (about 70 € / night) are more than adequate. A few steps out and you’re falling into the contemporary style Stachuspassagen for food / shopping etc ….

Advantage: traveling by train, public transport at the door, close to the inner city


– Hotel Astor:

not too far from the station, a little further by Schillerstrasse. The staff is really friendly and also the rooms are very clean. The style is not quite so modern and maybe a little ’80s, much darkened wood veneer, but the rooms are quiet here. about 70 € / night

Advantage: traveling by train, public transport at the door


(Don´t/Just if there´s really no other opportunity: Maritim Hotel Munchen, close to main station; Hotel Haberstock, at least in the last of the mentioned the staff is nice)


Isartor/Rosenheimer Platz/Ostbahnhof

Around the Isar it is very beautiful in Munich, whether at the Isar Gate, close to shopping or more towards the river Isar with greenery, or then further by Ostbahnhof / Haidhausen with nice bars and locations and a little suburban flair close to the middle of the city.

Isar auf Müller´sches Volksbad– Motel One Deutsches Museum

To this Motel One between Isartor and Rosenheimerplatz (2 or 3 stops from the train station) from the S-Bahn station its about 10 minutes walking. For me, here (as in the Motel One Frankfurt-Messe, or Motel One Ostbahnhof, or Motel One Hamburg St. Georg) design, serenity, quality, price, cleanliness: TOP. Who wants to is here right for jogging nearby the Isar or walking, for the Deutsches Museum or Gasteig for the cultural program, to eat well at very many opportunities, which are easily to find there. about 70 € / night.

Advantage: you know that you get good for the money, depending on your mood you are either fast in life / Local / center or in the green around the Isar.

– Motel One Ostbahnhof


Once it happened: There was this moment, I had already tried a few hotels. I knew where what was and what was awaiting me. And from that moment on if I needed a room in Munich, it was the website of the Motel One Ostbahnhof, that I opened first.

Advantage: easy access from the Ostbahnhof (you can also go for 1 or 2 tram stops or just run around 10 minutes)

– Courtyard by Marriott City Ost

Topp! That would be my first choice if the room rate would often fit into the budget for my company (120 € / night). Really great.

Located next to the Motel One

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