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Sunrays kissing your face, the wind carries the smell of spring and caresses your nose. You want, you need to go outside. You live in this magnificent city, or you’re a guest here, or do you want to give your guests, friends, your family a great day in this city? Then this is right for you!

The Surrounding

I open the door and hold in-between my actions. A look into my bag, then on the small sideboard next to my wardrobe, and then the sunglasses flies with the headphones into the side compartment. Hurry up!

You want…
the whole story

The Story 

On the way downstairs I’m sending a small “thank you” to coincidence. Since I have tracked down the Box (at the wonderful Welt White), world White), also hassle-related frivolity organized much better. My dad I send a big thank you for afterwards bomber assembly.

Starting – at Train Main Station

At the station there is a big hug for my friend from Nuremberg, as always the last meeting is too long ago. Get out of the train shed, we direct our steps to the left. Tulips flood color into the cloud-covered day in April and by the spring green of old Botanical garden We stroll past the sculptures of the park on one side, the magnificent building of the
Palais de Justice (construction end 19th century / Friedrich v. Thiersch) on the other hand.

We are confronted with the Künstlerhaus (1893 groundbreaking ceremony, 1900 inauguration by Prince Regent Luitpold, destroyed in 1944, rebuilt in 1961, was restored in 1998).
The architecture and interior design satisfy the hunger for aesthetics, the L´Osteria or The Grill offer strengthening, while the eyes feast on the frescoes in the bay windows, the chandeliers, the combination of decadence of the Art Nouveau and Modern. (Reservations, possibly a bit noisy).

In the building diagonally left towards the Künstlerhaus used traders to hurry in and out, the prices of shares and stocks were given and made day by day here in the former bavarian Stock Exchange (1890, neo-baroque)
Now determine rattling glasses and dishes,  beats and drinks the evening and night in the Heart, a club and restaurant.


I opt for a swing to the right direction Stachus (Karlsplatz). The history of the name tells charmingly about the Bavarian stubborn. It reports that the Bayer himself and the Bavarians commonly, rather designate a public square to an Inn than to an unloved, unavoidable Regent (Prince Elector Karl Theodor was from the Palatinate/Pfalz = different region of historical germany. Ignored was even his officially approving to change the gate´s name of “Neuhaeuser Tor” into Charles-Gate/Karlstor a gate 1793. The Munich held dear in name of the host / Inn in honor of Eustachus “Stachus” Föderl that about 1728 the place was located where today stands Galeria Kaufhof )

Walking through the archway 8 pairs of eyes we feel watching us. And on looking up we see the heads of 4 Munich Originals – the “Kragenköpfe“. The Finessen-Sepperl made with fine sense the languishing hearts found each other. Apart from love letters also secret messages passed through his hands and found the right recipients. Kutscher Krenkl cared little who crossed his way, and whom he left behind. “Wer ko, der ko!” (Bavarian Quote) also King Ludwig I. had to cheer and content to be seen afterwards. Jester Prangerl was the last Bavarian court jester, and Baron Sulzbeck the famous Base Player of the Hofbräuhaus.

Kaufingerstr. Richtung Karlstor
Kaufingerstr. Richtung Karlstor

It means no fun to stride through the pedestrian zone (Kaufinger Str.)  – to me at least not – even if you can see a lot. The water of the well immediately after the Karlstor / Neuhauser Tor runs all year, and creates in winter glistening works of art made of ice.
To throw a look at or even into the St. Michael’s Church, is worth. Compared to a new, modern shopping temple the church since the end of the 16th century (1583 to 1597 built) is the domestic church and grave lay the Wittelsbach dynasty. The Jesuit church is the resting place of the mortal remains of King Ludwig II., Bavarian´s fairytale king, and attracts those, which feel somehow connected the faded monarchy.
On the way is also the cathedral. The Frauenkirche with the legendary footprint of the devil (What story here click behind it? Here, let me know and I’ll tell you like it) Klick hier, gib mir Bescheid, und ich erzähle dir gerne davon)

We turn away from the hustle and bustle. Of course Hofstatt is also a temple of consumption, still fairly new, well maintained, with trails leading into gentle curves between the stores to cafes and restaurants in the inviting courtyards.

Direction Sendlinger Tor/Behind Viktualienmarket/Jakobsplatz

We are moving a little further on the road to Sendlinger Tor with a little detour.
1. Detour Ohel Jakob Synagogue (2006 inaugurated; in memory of over 4500 deported and murdered Jewish Munich)

Synagoge Ohel Jakob
Synagoge Ohel Jakob

The place shows edges, corners shows, tugging between thoughtfulness and the feeling of hands handover between a past and a step into a new era. Maybe it’s against the neighboring building, the City Museum. The museum in the former armory from 1888 leaves in its permanent exhibition to the dispute, which “Typical Munich” is; the café in the city museum invites you to exchange with each other. Also by the other cafes a little further forward slosh happiness, life, common dialogue about the place.

Back towards Sendlinger Tor throws us our
2. Detour briefly off course. We slip through the portals of the Asamkirche (officially St. Johann Nepomuk Church). Our breath is taken away, our eyes grow big.

Asam-Kirche by HS
Asam-Kirche by HS

Stacked in a confined space and imposing itself here is what late Baroque craftsmanship means and two passionate brothers are able to afford. Skill flows here corresponding to the epoch´s  pomp, splendor, swank. Maybe you could argue about taste, about the change of trend certainly, over Ability – NOT.


My growling stomach reminds me of something else, and thank God I remember a place where I really like to let soul fly, chatting, enjoying treats at friendly service: AROMA KAFFEEBAR.

Körnli im AROMA
Körnli im AROMA

A place for the soul is also the Gärtnerplatz. The Gärnterplatztheater is hidden under scaffolding, the square with its splashes of  blooming color steers our look quite good away from the temporary ugliness.

Viktualienmarkt & Marienplatz

Passing bright fruit, crunchy vegetables, the scent of roses and lavender from the decorations at the market stands of the Viktualienmarkt (market operating on the open market formerly held since 1807 on weekdays; victuals = food) our way is continued to Marienplatz. Munich´s  center and heart< pulses incredibly blaming on the crowds here. Our view is flying from the golden Statue of Mary, (founded in 1638 out of gratitude that the city was spared during the 30 Years War) on the square dominating Mariensäule, to
old town hall, which acts actually younger than the
new town hall with the famous Glockenspiel.
Knights and Lords ride and fight round nobles at the top in the tournament in 1568 on the occasion of the wedding for the favor of the newlyweds, Duke Wilhelm V to Renate of Lorraine. And finally the Bavarian knight triumphed over his opponent from Lorraine. In the bottom chimes the guild of Schäffler dances back the life into the city at the end of the 1515-1517 plague raging and push the Munichs back to face life and to enjoy.

Whether you ended up in an earlier century and whether the time has stopped, you question then. You question this, if you can manage to keep silent for a while and to hold still between the astonishment, picking up the scent of freshly ground coffee beans to the wandering watching on the offered and the interior. Dallmayr touches many senses (Built about 1700, about 1900 royal Hofliefarant, currently: the finest delicacies to buy and enjoy. For one site of course you can resist the homemade chocolates, the pastries, the various salads and other delicacies, but:. why?

Kuchentheke im Dallmayr
Kuchentheke im Dallmayr
Alter Hof

The history of sense pleasures dissolves into the story on our journey. The Old Court was taken as seat in 1255 by Ludwig II., The severity (=> Blutföhre) as the first ruler of the House Wittelsbach.

Alter Hof
Blick vom Innenhof des Alten Hofes Richtung Platzl

About the arc covered Ledergasse reminiscent of an enchanted place (Strengthening here provides the SPEZLWIRTSCHAFT!). We venture into the crowd at the Platzl. And yes! Alone you’re not here.


The famous Hofbrauhäus is under siege and visitstorm of tourist crowds (compared to the Hard Rock Café, as well).
Our heartbeat calms down after leaving the crowds. We take our time admiring the splendor of Maximilianstrasse (exclusive shopping behind elegant facades) overlooking the Maximilianeum (foundation stone in 1857, seat of the Bavarian Parliament since 1949).


Then we turn to the building of National Theatre (Bavarian State Opera, etc., 1818 initial 1825 reopening after fire disaster) and the Munich Residence (1385 as New Veste, from mid / late 16th century as a Renaissance building) followed by ….
Hofgarten (and there since 1785 the wonderful  KAFFEEHAUS TAMBOSI zum Genießen).

Abendhimmel Opernplatz
Abendhimmel Opernplatz

Silence and white peace surrounds us inside the Theatinerkirche (officially: St. Cajetan, 1663 groundbreaking ceremony, completion about 1776), in addition to the Feldherrnhalle (1844 by Friedrich von Gärtner, classicism) at
The view of the Triumphal Arch is free to go, but quite another crowning our day. The Odeonsplatz over Briennerstraße we walk towards


(TIP: the wonderful Lenbachhaus with its museum; and ELLA). Perhaps the elegance is less believed than the pomp, or the peculiarity of which is rumored to Bavaria to see is this for everyone in their own light and image.
We provide this after we did the maze of TUM. The view from Vorhoelzer Forum is one of the nicest. 


Who here finds no place => DADDY LONG LEGS and das BURGER HOUSE invite to strengthen.

Back on George Street, (my favorite Oberliebestes-Katopazzon is not here far away :)) Leopoldstreet, Theatinerstreet5 yards, past the Hotel Bayerischer Hof with the monument to Montgelas, the memorial to the murder of Kurt Eisner in 1919, which is taken in the sidewalk of the street next to the hotel; Lenbachplatz we pass and then the Anna Hotel back to the train tracks. And even if that is only an excerpt of the day here, I am amazed how much can be admired in a small space …..

to be continued …

Teile die schönen Erlebnisse mit deinen Lieben ❤


Top Spots at one glance

Spot Adress weitere/further Details
alter Botanischer Garten Sophienstraße 7, 80333 München
Justizpalast Prielmayerstraße 7, 80335 München 1890-97, Fr.v.Thiersch, Neobarock
Künstlerhaus Lenbachplatz 8, 80333 München Einweihung 1900 durch Prinzregent Luitpold Gabriel v. Seidl, Neorenaissance-Gebäude
Gebäude der ehemaligen bayerischen Börse Lenbachplatz 2, 80335 München 1898, Fr.v.Thiersch, Neorenaissance
Stachus Karlsplatz 10, 80335 München öffentlicher Platz seit 1791/1792
Kragenköpfe im Karlstor/Neuhauser Tor Karlsplatz 10, 80335 München Finessen-Sepperl, Kutscher Krenkl, Hofnarr Prangerl, Baron von Sulzbeck
Michaeliskirche Neuhauser Straße 6, 80333 München Built between 1583 and 1597, dedicated to Arch Angel Michael, Renaissance/Barock
Dom Frauenplatz 12, 80331 München “Zur lieben Frau”, dedicated 1494 to honor Mary, mother of Jesus, spätgotischer Backsteinbau, with legendary tale about the devil
Synagoge Ohel Jakob Sankt-Jakobs-Platz 18, 80331 München 2006 opened; in memory to more than 4500 deported und murdered jewish Munichs
Stadtmuseum Sankt-Jakobs-Platz 1, 80331 München former Zeughaus, Gotik
Asamkirche Sendlinger Str. 32, 80331 München Built 1733-46 by the brothers Asam, Rokoko
Gärnterplatz/Gärtnerplatztheater Gärnterplatz, München seit 1860 als central place,1865 Opening of the Theater
Viktualienmarkt Viktualienmarkt 3, 80331 München seit 1807 market Monday – Saturday, regional products
Marienplatz/Mariensäule Marienplatz 1, 80331 München Münchens center and heart (since 1158)
Altes Rathaus Marienplatz 15, 80331 München 1310, Gotik, now: Toy-Museum<
Neues Rathaus Marienplatz 8, 80331 München 1909, Georg von Hauberrisser Neu-Gotik/td>
Glockenspiel im Neues Rathaus Marienplatz 8, 80331 München 2 important events for Munich shown in a play: 1568 Dukes Wedding, 1517 Dance of the Schäfflers at the end of plague
Dallmayrhaus Dienerstr. 14-15, 80331 München since 1700, History and delicacies
Hofbräuhaus/Platz Platzl 9, 80331 München since 1589 well&world known Brewery, Architect: Max Littmann
Alter Hof Alter Hof 1, 80331 München seit 1254 first seat of house Wittelsbach => Blutföhre
Maxstr. and Maximilianeum Maxstr.; Max-Planck-Straße 1, 81675 München exclusive shopping street with view to Bayerischer Landtags (1857 built, Renaissance, Friedrich Bürklein / Gottfried Semper)
Nationaltheater Max-Joseph-Platz 2, 80539 München 1818 opened; Gerhard Graubner, Klassizismus, Programm Staatsoper
Münchner Residenz Residenzstraße 1, 80333 München 1354 as “Neue Veste”, newly built in middle 16. Jhd as Renaissance-castle
Hofgarten Hofgartenstraße 1, 80538 München barocke Park close to Englischen Garten
Theatinerkirche Salvatorplatz 2a, 80333 München 1690 opened, Agostino Barelli, Enrico Zuccalli, Rokoko, Interior completely white
Feldherrnhalle Residenzstraße 1, 80333 München 1841-44 opened, Friedrich von Gärtner, Italianate-Stil
Odeonsplatz Odeonsplatz 1, 80539 München planned from 1790, named since 1827 like a Concert-hall (“Odeon” – now the building of: bayerischen Innenministeriums since 1951)
Königsplatz/Pinakothekenviertel Königsplatz 1, 80333 München planned by Karl von Fischer, developed by Leo Klenze late 19 Jhd.
Theatinerstraße – 5 Höfe
Bayerischer Hof Promenadeplatz 2-6, 80333 München
Statue of Montgelas,
Memorial to Kurt Eisner Kardinal-Faulhaber-Straße/ Promenadeplatz Kurt Eisners, murdered 1919, memorial in the side walk

Locations zur Stärkung unterwegs

Location/Restaurant/Café Adresse/Adress weitere/further Details
L´Osteria Lenbachplatz 8, 80333 München; +49 89 99 01 98 10 L´Osteria Website
The Grill Lenbachplatz 8, 80333 München; +49 89 45 20 59 50 The Grill Website
Heart Lenbachplatz 2, 80333 München; +49 160-90900224 Heart Website
Hofstatt Sendlinger Straße 10, 80331 München Hofstatt Website
Aroma KAFFEEBAR Pestalozzistraße 24, 80469 München, +49 26949249 AROMA
Dallmayr Dienerstr. 14-15, 80331 München Dallmayr Website
Kaffeehaus TAMBOSI Odeonsplatz 18, 80539 München, +4989 29 83 22. TAMBOSI
Vorhoelzer Forum in der TUM Arcisstraße 21, 80333 München, +49174 9748447 Vorhoelzer Forum Website
Daddy Long Legs Barer Straße 42, 80799 München, +4989 80994361 DADDY LONG LEGS
Burger House Theresienstraße 60, 80333 München, +4989 44384377 BURGER HOUSE
Katopazzo Amalienstraße 87-89, 80799 München, +49089 44387114 KATOPAZZO
Anna im Hotel Anna Schützenstraße 1, 80335 München, +4989 599940 Hotel Anna Website


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