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I love the Holstee-Manifesto … and this is what my thoughts created around it …

Do! Don’t be shy.
Don’t be afraid.
Always there is a way to go on.
Don’t judge. Don’t count. It comes back to you.
Tell the ones you love what you feel –
For time is fading
And every moment is eternity.
Reflect yourself by the ones you have chosen by heart.
Do mistakes and regard the chance of learning.
Realize: you’re a whole person. Whole you can be only by yourself & the things you do.
Perceive: it’s better to be alone than with persons you don’t match with.
Think –
but don’t think to much.
If you long to be with someone,
Find your partner in crime.
Don’t make compromises to find the thing or the ONE you want.
Be compromising in finding a way together.
When you say ‘yes’
Mean it.
Say it absolutely.
Do the ‘all in’ for having a life more tasty & full & big.
Life will be more, if you don’t say just ‘maybe’.
Do! With your whole heart. For that’s the only way to receive the same.
Everything happens for a reason.
Fail. Suffer. Stand up.
Be proud of the scars – your heart is meant to be used!
Be kindly & gracious-
even to yourself.
Have the courage to be yourself
Because you’re meant to be the way you are.
And go ahead!
💫 drawing and text by monika pfundmeier

the Manifest

the original Holstee-Manifesto you find here: http://holstee.com
don´t miss the encouraging Video: Holstee – Manifesto


Was haltet Ihr davon? Schreibt mir – ich freu mich! 🙂

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