2015 – 6 countries, 13 cities

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2015 – unterwegs durchs Jahr

Es war doch erst gestern. Die Silvesternacht 2014/2015 hat mich mit Schnee abgerieben und den Vorhang zurückgezogen. Ich stolperte in die Morgensonne des Neujahrstages 2015.

Ich kann es kaum glauben. Am Ende sind es doch ein paar mehr Augenblicke, die ich nachdenken muss, nochmal durch meinen Terminkalender scrollen, durch die Bildergalerie hopsen. Und noch ein zweites Mal – nur um sicher zu sein.

6 Länder, 13 Städte.
Dorthin hat mich 2015 geführt, an Orte mit Aussicht, leckerem Essen – vor allem zu wunderbaren Menschen. Manche wurden Freunde. Hinter jedem Schritt auf meinem Weg liegt eine Geschichte, ein Fußabdruck, der meinen Weg prägt. In den folgenden Bildern teile ich ein paar meiner Erinnerungen, und ich arbeite fleißig daran, Euch in den Geschichten mitzunehmen.

It seemed to be only yesterday. New Years Eve rubbed me off with snow and teared away the curtain the morning sun of the First Day awaited behind.

I can hardly believe this. It takes a view more moments, another and another thinking over, scrolling through my calendar and hopping through the gallery of my pictures. And just one more check – just to be sure.

6 countries, 13 cities.
Into all of this countries my feet have taken me 2015, to cities with views, to delicious and surprising food, to wonder-ful people. Some of them became friends, some enlightened my stays for short or longer periods. Behind every step a story is hidden, a footprint in my way
In the following pictures I share some memories with you, and I´m working on to tell you the stories.

picturing 2015 

Two, maybe three Cities are missing in this list.
Munich – the city of my heart and life. I write a lot about in my blog and invite you to share its unexpected uniqueness and hidden treasures of the city of Bavarian “Gemütlichkeit”.

another city – I visited 2 times this year, but somehow the story is a dead end.

Nice … I visited Nice 2014 and fell in love … so a part of me seems to be there, but physically I didn´t visit 2015 … maybe next year 😉

Januar/Februar 2015 Schweiz, Basel

2014 in Nizza habe ich eine liebe Freundin kennengelernt und sie und ihre Familie in Basel – auch zur Fastnacht besucht (davon gibt´s keine Beweisfotos 😉 )

2014 in Nice I befriended with a dear girl from Basel. I visited her and her Family – also for “Fastnacht” 🙂
(to my story in Nice, you can find a little bit here: the story to be told

April 2015 Frankreich, Bordeaux

more northern, closer to the Atlantic Sea the city wears its pride, my feet set their steps on streets of marble and cool elegance. I loved to discover the small alleys and the variety of the French cuisine. For me it was the first time I tasted oysters – and I loved.

Before Bordeaux there was 2013 Montpellier, 2014 Zürich. With a good friend I met there I went to Bordeaux to improve my language skills – definitely I improved my eating skills 😉

Juni 2015 Portugal, Lissabon

In Lisbon welcomed me with a lot of surprises . I arrived at night in a dark neighborhood (read about HERE & here), I experienced the colorful city in a special way – and met a dear old friend from years ago, when I was a schoolgirl

Juni/Juli 2015 Augsburg

Close to Augsburg I grew up, in the Fugger-Town I went to school. My Family and friends from former years still live there and its a pleasure to discover the city with them again.

Juli/August 2015 Österreich, Salzburg

Fate swiped on my way this year a person, who became one of my dearest friends and an important person on my life´s way. Salzburg and Regensburg were Day-Trips I enjoyed with her.

Juli/August 2015 Regensburg
August 2015 Tschechei, Prag

Almost starving we were, nearly giving up after a 4,5 hours drive from Munich to Prague and a 2 hours searching walk through this lively city …. unless we found the best steak ever. Why can´t a steak be married? 😉 With one of my dearest friends I visited Prague, the Capital of Czech Republik, the story about our traveling …. I will write about …

September/Oktober 2015 Berlin

Just in Berlin you can hug the “Würge-Engel” and enjoy the same time the New Music Award 2015. Find out about my experiences here: A Day in BerlinNew Music Award 2015

Oktober 2015, Nürnberg

I lived in and close to this beautiful city almost 12 years, still I have friends there and love to return to the charming historical places

November 2015, Frankreich, Paris

I was there during the attacks, it touched me deeper than I thought, showed me interesting sides of people and I met a few more people there with amazing life lines. The happenings lead my focus in a way more straight.
For one eve I was lucky to share dinner with Nana Hagel, writer of the wonderful Blog: Far and Close. Find inspiration with her stories!
Or read more about my impressions at that weekend …10 minutes away, a song in Paris, After Paris

November/Dezember 2015, Hamburg

The year 2000 and its circumstances brought me the first time to Hamburg. Meanwhile I´ve visited the Pearl of the North 4 or 5 times, discovering always another layer in her beauty.

Dezember 2015, Italien, Mailand

Milan was a very spontaneous decision and a kind of escape. I was lucky to get to know a great person, a real gentleman, taking care, providing me with insider-tips and sharing wonderful time, talks, fantastic food.

what happened in the night, caused by trusting a … ? a story to be told 😉

Lost in Milan

Januar-Dezember 2015 Frankfurt

for almost 2 years I visited this city. I had to work there – and I turned the beautiful sides from downside up and find me charming places, changing insights, spectacular views.
Of course also: great places to eat
Maxie Eisen, Chez Ima, PRACHT, Die Leiter, Toh Thong, Mosch Mosch, and the great NAIV (post will follow)
cosy places to sleep Motel One, The Pure, 25hours Levi´s, Bristol Hotel, Fleming´s Messe, Capri by Fraser, Citadines,

at least ….

2015 – as I turned all this cities upside down and back, the year treated me. My way, like Lisbon with it´s hills, its tops with the great view and the colorful pictures in the alleys on the way down.
I searched, I ran, flight, drove, travelled, headed, escaped to my targets, I stumbled, felt, stood up again, sometimes my pulse was flattering, I hardly dared breathing. I dug for the unique, I discovered unexpected.

Not everything worked out perfectly – many thing didn´t work out the way they were planned, some thing I shouldn´t tell my mother to not frighten her 😉 but these things remark most colorful in my memories.

I found home, where I didn´t thought it would be and friendship came to me, when I needed it mostly. In the end of the year. I´m glad to be returning home and knowing where to set my steps next.

I´m thankful for this experiences and for meeting the people enriching my 2015! BIG HUG.

thanks for the inspiration to a year´s review @Leah with her beautiful blog Leahtravels

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