@world – finding home


Welcome … @ Elsewhere & Here,


This life – in this way – exists only once.
Additionally I write.
As a person
with too little time and too many plans,
with thoughts that bounce merrily on the paths ….
…… as me.
I write with all of my heart and soul, I write for the senses.
If you want – I write for your!

… enjoying


WHY this Blog? 

In every city I find me always always always my coolest places, and that´s what my friends ask me about. And I tell them. And they like the places, too. And now I share with you the – the cool, the good.

tasty eating, drinking, going out, chatting, stories, people who are behind it.

So: Search less, enjoy more 🙂

Have fun and a great time with wonderful people and experiences you!

Who am I … 


Bar Corso
anderswo & hier in Bar Torso


…. Addicted to chocolate ♦ ♦ and after coffee after a good meal ♦ ♦ good books good conversations (from time to time;) – bad calls and good wine go well;)) … oO …

To me important is: Munich at the moment especially due for being a city guide.
And especially important: the books that I write

You like to learn more? Ask me :)! ♥ Contact

What else ….  

Follow me Me 🙂 – for example to white rabbit´s room or into Katopazzo

Thank You!

und hier



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